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Grease Grabbers!

Here we are trying to make healthy cooking easier and better!
Look at the before and after of Potato Soup. 
Its simply incredible! 
Before Grease Grabber
After Grease Grabber
Grease Grabber is made from a special material that is designed to only absorb grease and fats and repel water. This unique pad will remove fatty grease from your food in seconds safely!
"I hate to cook so for a hot meal my go to is the crockpot. I like to simmer chicken breast in green salsa and use it for burritos, etc. Chicken fat really grosses me out but sometimes I'm in to much of a hurry to prepare it as much as I'd like. A friend gave me Grease Grabbers as a Christmas stocking stuffer so I thought I'd give them a try. I only used one and it soaked up nearly all of the fat that had accumulated on the top. Worked great!"
"Best kitchen tool ever made!"
Recently I reheated Chinese food leftovers and was so surprised at the amount of grease that came off of the little amount I cooked! Just another great use for a Grease Grabber!